Comprehensive Rider Development

You will benefit from the extensive knowledge and experience that Harold Chopping brings to his clients.  His background training and competing at all levels domestically and overseas is enlisted in supporting achieving the individual goals of each and every rider.  Great care and interest is given while coaching every detail required to build your skills and capabilities. At Solo Show Stables we enjoy a wonderful environment at home and away with a great group of clients, cheering each other on and sharing in celebrating special moments. 

Comprehensive Equine Development

Horses in our program thrive under the careful guidance from Harold Chopping, and the outstanding care from the Solo Team.  Harold's background training horses for all levels of riders is expertly applied individually and uniquely, supporting achieving your specific goals.  Great care and interest is given to appropriate details required to match building your skills and capabilities to your equine partner every step of the way. You can count on receiving well-organized structure based on your desired goals for both you and your horse...and enjoy a good bit of fun too!
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