Training Board                                   $1700 per month

Lessons                                               $50.00

Short Term Board                              $40.00/day   Rides $25.00   Lessons $80.00

Body Clipping                                     $145.00 (additional fee charged for sedation)

Ship-in Lessons                                  $100.00

Ship-in Rides                                      $100.00

15% commission charged on horses bought, sold or leased


                    Horse Show Rates


Care             Boarded Horses.             $90.00/day plus shared expenses

Teaching     Boarded Horses.             $40.00/day

Rides           Boarded Horses.             $40.00/ride


Care              Non-boarded Horses.        $120/day plus shared expenses

Teaching      Non-boarded Horses.        $100.00

Lessons        Non-boarded Horses.        $100.00

Rides            Non-boarded Horses          $75.00


Transportation   $1.25/mile

Please make all checks payable to SOLO Corporation

A  1.5 % finance charge will be added monthly to all past due bills


Harold Chopping (561) 379- 8549. 

Jennifer Chopping (516) 971-1873